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General Information Sites

The Art of Middle Eastern Dance by Shira: This website goes deep! You'll find detailed instructions for making your own skirts, veils and other costume items, information about the history of the dance and different styles performed today, an extensive list of links (including costume vendors and local teachers) and lots, lots lots more. I've been dipping into this website for years and I still haven't read it all!


Shira's Bellydance Plus Site for full-figured bellydancers is full of inspiration and resources, including helpful information about costuming, photo galleries of lush juicy dancers, articles and more.

Aziza Sa'id's Mid-Eastern Belly Dance Site: A very extensive site, with lots of articles, online rythm workshop and dance lessons, loads of information.

Yasmina's Joy of Bellydancing: More great articles and information. Dancing, drumming, links, quizzes, reviews and lots more. Very practical and helpful stuff.

Bhuz: Community for dancers & students, with articles, message boards, etc. Great place to ask questions and just absorb information. I spend too much time here...

Desert Moon Dance: This St. Louis based site has lots of links and information about costuming (including making your own), culture, music and dance. Wow...articles, interviews, message boards, events, translated lyrics...this site is really growing into a powerful resource!

the Bellydance Museum offers lots of information on famous Middle Eastern dancers and more.


Costume shopping


Skirts, veils, etc.

A'Kai Silks
Silk veils that are absolutely dreamy to dance with. These are really worth getting excited about! Floaty silk dyed in dynamic and exciting color combinations -- not amateur tye-dye looks, but beautiful fading and banding of colors...I want one in every style!

L Rose Designs
Absolutely gorgeous skirts, gloves, harem pants and other items, custom made to your measurements. These are top notch!

Hand-dyed veils, skirts, sleeves and pants.

Moondance Bellydance Great prices on skirts, tops, student costuming, accessories, props.

Simply Stylish
Peasant tops, skirts and harem pants custom made at very reasonable prices.

Mode Mystique Formerly "Treasures of belly dancing"
I can personally vouch for this site. Same stuff you'll often see elsewhere, but at great prices. You'll get a sense right away that there's a language barrier here, but I found the service and merchandise to be amazing.

Full Beaded/sequinned Costumes

This is our local vendor in St. Louis. She specializes mainly in really high-end, professional costumes (expensive but TO-DIE-FOR gorgeous!) but carries other things as well, like hip scarves, zills, videos, props and music. Completely reliable and trustworthy, and a good source of information on music, how to make your new costume fit like a glove, etc. She has a showroom that's open on weekdays, so make sure you visit her if you come to St. Louis!

Bellydance Store
This site is constantly being updated, and offers great deals on the very latest designers from Egypt, like Sahar Okasha, Eman, Aziz, Hanan, Raqia Hassan, and Mamdouh. Good service, great prices, absolutely gorgeous merchandise.

Of course! There's a lot of crap here, but some really good stuff, too. Watch out for the costumes that are made up of coin bras & panties (?!??!?!?!), the ones that are basically halloween costumes, and the ugly pointy-boobed ones. I always read the feedback on the seller and look to see if anyone is bidding on any of their items. You'll find the most stuff by searching under "belly dance" or, if you want to narrow the list, try "belly dance hip scarf" "belly dance costume" "belly dance veil" etc. Sometimes you'll find other things by spelling it all together as one word (bellydance) or a variation (bellydancer, bellydancing, belly dancer, belly dancing)

Bellydance with K Boutique
I haven't bought anything here yet, but I love to visit and drool. Only a few costumes at a time, but they're very beautiful and unique, and the prices are outstanding. Recently, since the owner had a baby, the site gets updated even less often, but it's worth checking in for the deals!

Neckelmann's Costumes
These are mostly made with plastic beads instead of glass, and you do have to reinforce the bra straps with grossgrain ribbon and sometimes make other modifications to be sure they're sturdy enough for performance. BUT the designs are gorgeous, very unique and flattering, and the costumes are just lovely, especially at this price. I've bought two costumes from them on e-bay, which I'm told is the best way to buy. I'm told custom orders can take a long time and turn out different than expected.

Scheherezade Imports
They only show a few items on the website. Scroll to the bottom of the page where it tells you how to request a catalog -- it's well worth the $3!

Artemis Imports
Site seems to be down, but I'm hoping that's temporary and will optimistically leave the link here for a while!

Topkapi Designs
Really high-end Turkish costumes and rhinestone jewelry. The site hasn't been updated in ages, though.

The Belly Dance Shop
Offers both high-end and more affordable full costumes, as well as accessories and supplies.

Eman Zaki
One of the hottest designers of the moment. You can order a costume directly from her, custom made to your measurements and preferences. Dahlal (see below) also imports her designs and may work as a go-between on a custom order if you like.

Sim Moda Evi
A Turkish costume designer, famous for his HEAVY use of rhinestones. These costumes are very hot!

Sahar Okasha
Sahar Okasha was reputed to have been Dina's designer for 15 years. Her costumes are deceptively simple, but engineered to flatter the body and showcase movement.
Ever-changing selection of fabrics, including many that would make great costumes, at low low prices. I order from them a lot & am always happy. Sign up for the newsletter & they'll send you coupons sometimes!

Spandex World and Spandex House both carry an amazing array of holographic, metallic, fishnet, and other decorated stretch fabrics that are perfect for recreating today's designer looks

Bellydance Shoppe and Artemis Imports both carry patterns for all sorts of costumes, from Ghawazee coats to beledi dresses and cabaret items.

Murielle Roy
Sells fabrics and trims designed for ice skating costumes - lots of stretchy fabrics, sheers, and rhinestone, bead and sequin trims. Prices are nothing to write home about, but there's a convenience in being able to get it all in one place! My experience with them was good.

Sugar Petals
Famous for their body stockings - also stocks bra cups, bra side panels and belt forms.

Dina Lydia, The Costume Goddess
The Costume Goddess gives all sorts of advice for aspiring costumers, in her books and in her "ask the costume goddess" feature on the website. Also check her column on Shira.
Amazon offers a pretty good assortment of beginner videos and a wide selection of music. I like being able to read reviews (often by other bellydancers) and see related items (if you like this, you might also like that). I've been introduced to a lot of new music by Amazon!

Hollywood Music Center has LOTS of great CDs and DVDs for really good prices. - IAMED has Belly Dance DVDs, History, Photos, Events and More!

Excellent prices, large assortment of belly dance music, videos and DVDs. The best part is, they give you generous 2-minute song samples so you know what you're getting before you buy. Friendly service, super quick shipping. Love them!

Free downloads of mp3 files of belly dance music.

is a monthly subscription site that carries hundreds of fantastic bellydance titles. You'll find lots of lists and guides created by members to help you find the music you're looking for.

Bellydance Downloads
This is a VERY cool site that helps you find where to download the music you want.

Anthea's Articles: Some really useful stuff here, ranging from beginner's questions to a fantastic series on how to create choreography.

The Gilded Serpent: A n online magazine. Articles are updated frequently, and are high-quality. Often includes photos from major shows and competitions.

"baladi" by Hossam Ramzy A wonderful explanation of how to dance to a Baladi Progression (aka Baladi Taxim).

Zills on Fire: Information specific to finger cymbals. I especially liked their "mid-east rhythm study" page and downloadable finger cymbal sound bites. They offer a learning CD and study guide.

Near Eastern Dance and Music Theory: Excellent overview and a tremendous amount of information.

Articles by Amara: Scholarly articles by a dancer with a degree in Music History and Literature, a certificate in Ethnomusicology and an M.A. in Dance Ethnology.

Articles by Keti Sharif Basic information, broken down very well, with fun quizzes.

Ala Nar Belly Dance Troupe- Vancouver
Alimah- Seattle
Alyssa- Ocean Springs, MS
Amara- North Carolina
Amartia- Baltimore, MD
Ammara Dance Studio- British Columbia
Annwynn - Cape Fear, NC
Ariel- Washington DC/Baltimore
Asra- Winnipeg
Belynda Azhaar- Korea
Galatea- Milwaukee, WI
In Harem's Way Dance Company in South Africa
Katia- San Francisco
Maria - San Francisco, CA
Mariyah - NYC
Mirah Ammal- Minneapolis, MN
Monica - San Fransisco, CA
Nadirah Johara- Fort Worth, TX
Nyla Crystal- Sacramento, CA
Samira Shuruk - Washington, DC
Sonja- TN
Toria - D.C. Area

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