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Footwear for bellydance class

Pedini Teaching Sandals

5 stars Support, stability, cushioning, great sole for turning
This is what I wear to teach several classes each week, or for long workshops. The raised heel feels to me like it offers arch support (although the arch of the foot is really open). The heel is rubbery, very cushioning for dancing on hard floors (even Saidi) and the suede sole offers a nice surface for turns that isn't too slippery.

As with any dance footwear, it's not meant to be worn outside, and dancing on carpet will wear them out quickly. But for cold, smooth floors they're just perfect. Especially if you have knee issues, joint issues, or foot issues or if you're a teacher dancing many hours each week!

Leather Split-sole Ballet Slippers

5 stars Smooth turning surface, comfortable, durable shoe at a good price
These are great shoes. I find leather to be more durable than canvas, and better able to mold to the foot. My last pair of these lasted me for a couple of years, even wearing them several hours a week. They feel so good on your foot that you'll be tempted to wear them around the house, but they'll wear out very quickly if you take them on a variety of surfaces (carpet, concrete, etc). Better to keep them just for class!

They come with elastic straps to sew on the top, but I usually just wear them without and don't have any problems. Excellent midprice alternative for most students.

Foot Undeez, plain or prints

4 stars Lighthearted, barefoot alternative for turning and protection
These are a popular alternative. Lots of dancers would really rather be barefoot, but want a little protection and smooth surface under the ball of the foot for turning.

It's hard to tell from the picture, but they look just like little tighty whiteys (men's briefs) for your foot. Cute!Perfect for anyone who'd rather be barefoot but wants to turn.


Canvas ballet slippers

3.5 stars Affordable alternative
I'm not a big fan of the canvas ballet slipper. Just my personal opinion, but I find them harder to fit, less comfortable, and they wear out more quickly.

However, at this price it might be a good option for anyone who wants a closed shoe, is on a tight budget but really wants footwear, or would just prefer a canvas shoe for some reason (Iike you really want to paint them?). These aren't suitable for vegans, the sole is still leather. Budget alternative

I've tried various 'lyric sandals' and so forth and won't even bother to link to them. I found that they moved around on my foot, gave me 'toe wedgies' and were generally not very helpful. Your mileage may vary, of course!

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